colin kaepernick still does not want to meet his birth mother

Heidi Ross, Kaepernick’s biological mother gave him up for adoption even though her very own parents offered to assist in his upbringing. Now, Heidi wants to be in Colin’s life and develop a relationship with her son.

She has decided not to reveal who his biological father is. Even her parents aren’t aware who the father is. They say the only info they have about him is that ” He is black and 6’2″ tall”. Wow!

She has been trying to see Colin since he began studying at the University of Nevada. However, he just doesn’t want to. He says not that it’s disrespectful to his adopted parents, but he just doesn’t want to. I guess he figures he came all this way without her so he doesn’t need her now.

Do you feel that he should forgive and just never forget? Or do you think that it is perfectly fine to never have a desire to meet her?


One thought on “colin kaepernick still does not want to meet his birth mother

  1. I do believe that Colin should forgive his mother and try to maintain somewhat of a relationship with her. She only did what she did because she only wanted the best for him. He probably wouldn’t even be the “Colin Kaepernick” star that he is if she never gave him up for adoption. If anything, he should thank her and try to at least move on and keep in contact with her every now and then.

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