Colin Kaepernick Endorses New Brand

MoGo Sport is a company that created the first flavored mouthguard for sports in 2011. Colin Kaepernick will represent this company and brand by wearing the flavored mouthguard in the upcoming 2013 NFL season. He will emerge in advertisements, digital campaigns, and point-of-sale materials.

Bruce Angus and Tom Hoey, founders of MoGo Sport said they chose Kaepernick because he is the most exciting athlete in the NFL. “He also has a great smile that he wants to keep for the rest of his life and he can count on MoGo to protect it and help him be more comfortable and refreshed on the field.” said Angus.

Kaepernick believes this is a great endorsement because he understands that nobody likes the old rubbery taste of a mouthguard and that people will definitely appreciate the flavored ones. Kaepernick said ““MoGo is the first mouthguard that I actually enjoy wearing – I think other athletes, especially kids, will actually start wearing their       mouthguards so there will be less dental and mouth injuries. MoGo feels and tastes great. I don’t know why anyone would choose to wear an unflavored mouthguard.”

The various flavors available for the mouthguards are orange, lemon, fruit punch, blue raspberry, mint, and bubble gum. They are accessible in youth and adult sizes for the low price of $11.99.


Colin Kaepernick aka Speedy Gonzales


HAMPTON VA, (April 23, 2013) – Niners’ quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, is speedy but is determined to get even faster as he chose to spend two weeks in training with trackstars Monica Hargrove and Avard Moncur this offseason at Doyle Sports Performance Center in Hiram, Georgia to perfect and help polish his running technique. The sprinters say their goal was to teach Kaepernick the mechanics and the right technique to make him even more of a threat in the NFL 2013 season.

The 6-foot-4, 230-pound quarterback completed 62.4 of his passes for 1,814 yards in 2013. He also added 415 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns in the regular season. Ato Boldon, a former Olympic sprinter says “As much as Kaepernick is known for his speed, I think he has the most underrated speed in the league. He’s fast. Then he runs by people and they think, ‘Oh, he’s that fast.’ ”

In high school, Kaepernick stood out in the sports football, basketball, and baseball because he played them very well, but he never ran track. Surprisingly though, coaches and track stars were quite fascinated with how dedicated and hard-working Kaepernick was while training. “He’s doing an excellent job,” the 49ers General Manager also said of Kaepernick. “There’s no harder worker.”

When asked will defenses be able to catch up with him in the upcoming season, Kaepernick replies “We’ll find out when we get out on the field.”




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Great Rivalries within the NFL


An exciting rivalry to see is the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. More imporantly, I love to see quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. They have some of the same qualities such as stong arms and quick feet but their styles are a little different.

Colin uses the pistol offense which is hard for a quarterback to defend whereas Russell uses a more traditional type of offense.

I have high expectations for both in the upcoming season and I believe they will create an even more enthralling experience.

that’s a good look

Today, Colin kaepernick along with a few Olympians joined our first lady, Michelle Obama in promoting physical activity and assisting young children to exercise daily. They gathered at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois to address students from several different schools in the city. Kaepernick will speak on how physical education helped him get to where he is today and how important it is in life.


The Hickok Belt was created in in 1950 and awarded to the top professional athlete of the year in the U.S. It is in honor of the founder, Hickok Manufacturing Company, which made belts. Therefore, the trophy is a belt.

Yesterday, February 26, 2013, individuals from the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association voted Colin Kaepernick for the Hickok Belt Award for January. His opponents for the award were:
1. Joe Flacco (football)
2. Novk Djokovic (tennis)
3. Tiger Woods (golf)
4. LeBron James (basketball)
5. Carmelo Anthony (basketball)
6. Victoria Azarenka (tennis)
7. Marcel Hirscher (skiing)
8. Tina Maze (skiing)
9. Parker Bohn (bowling)

Now, Colin is qualified for the overall 2013 Hickok Belt. Congratulations Colin!!